The ICC Investment

We don’t know of any other service like our Intensive Couples Counseling™ Program.

There are many faith-based programs where multiple couples gather in a retreat format led by a religious leader.

There are other programs that are private, but they are either not led by a marriage and family therapist or have a significantly higher price point.

We believe working with a competent professional in a personalized way is the best investment you can make in your relationship.*

For ICC programs occurring during the week – the price is $1,775 per person. Additionally – we offer a $300 discount (per couple) if you pay in full at the time of booking. Weekend ICC Programs are $1899 per person with the same $300 discount if paying in full at the time of booking. Many people also use their Health Savings Plans to pay for services.

Even though ICC is much less expensive than other marriage retreats, we know that this is a lot of money for many people. But if you break it down, ICC costs less than $5.00 a day for the next year.

To make ICC affordable for all of our clients – our partnership with Parasail Health helps you find monthly payment plans to pay for counseling. With one application, Parasail will find the best offers from all of the top lenders, without affecting your credit. Most patients receive a response in less than 2 minutes. Learn more here.

Give the gift of healing:

To gift your loved one an Intensive Couples Counseling program, call Rachel at 612-787-2832.

What is your relationship worth? How much is your pain costing you now?

Compare the investment for ICC to the $15,000-$20,000 average cost of divorce in the US. And that doesn’t begin to factor in the other emotional pain of a deteriorating relationship.

Contact us now and let us help. Don’t wait too long – there may be no turning back.
“Simply put – ICC was the best investment of my life. We’re actually building a life together now. I can’t thank you enough.*” – ICC program participant