The ICC Investment

We don’t know of any other service like our Intensive Couples Counseling™ Program.

There are many faith-based programs where multiple couples gather in a retreat format led by a religious leader.

There are other programs that are private, but they are either not led by a marriage and family therapist or have a significantly higher price point.

We believe working with a competent professional in a personalized way is the best investment you can make in your relationship.*

For ICC programs occurring during the week – the price is $3550.00 per couple, for weekend programs, the price is $3795.00 per couple.   Many people also use their Health Savings Plans to pay for services.

Even though ICC is much less expensive than other marriage retreats, we know that this is a lot of money for many people. But if you break it down, ICC costs less than $5.00 a day for the next year.

Give the gift of healing:

To gift your loved one an Intensive Couples Counseling program, call Lara at 612-787-2832.

What is your relationship worth? How much is your pain costing you now?

Compare the investment for ICC to the $15,000-$20,000 average cost of divorce in the US. And that doesn’t begin to factor in the other emotional pain of a deteriorating relationship.

Contact us now and let us help. Don’t wait too long – there may be no turning back.
“Simply put – ICC was the best investment of my life. We’re actually building a life together now. I can’t thank you enough.*” – ICC program participant