Intensive Couples Counseling Certified Therapists

Nancy Carlson, MA, LMFT

ICC Certified

From the first time we met Nancy we knew our couples struggling the most just might be able to find hope with Nancy. Nancy is especially skilled in helping couples encountering complex grief and situations which seem profoundly hopeless. Nancy also offers Christian Counseling when clients wish to incorporate faith into their Counseling. Clients report that she is “uniquely skilled and dedicated”. Her clients have reported “her soft and warm presence provides us an environment to explore our needs and process our pain.” But don’t be fooled– she will be honest and direct with you in her efforts to help you change.*

“The Intensive Therapy has been so incredible for our relationship. I feel every couple should go through this experience because it can improve every relationship you have. We were desperate for some help and guidance. We received so much more than I expected.*”- ICC Program Participant of Nancy’s

Terry Norman, MA, LMFT

ICC Certified

Terry is known as the most empathic member of our therapists. Terry is not only caring – but she is a competent therapist who loves working with couples. Terry is very popular among the clients at RTC due to her gift in transforming difficult situations into opportunities for intimacy. Her clients call her “empathic, humorous, and kind”. She has intensive training in Terry Real’s Relational Life Therapy, as well as the Gottman Method. Terry has a passion for Intensive Couples Counseling – especially around crisis, affairs, and betrayals. She is well known for “Healing the Hurt”. We really appreciate Terry’s dedication to helping couples change.

“Terry is great! Our experience has been fantastic!!! I cannot tell you how pleased we are with Terry, and how appreciative we are for all Terry has done to help us. I can’t imagine anybody else doing anything better than what Terry has done. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate her as a 20!!!*”- ICC Program client of Terry’s

Kyle Zrenchik, PhD, ACS, LMFT

ICC Certified

Are you looking for a therapist who will do more than just listen? Someone who will be honest and give you direct feedback? Dr. Z might just be your guy. His clients call him “funny and warm and engaging”. Dr. Z is a certified sex therapist so his specialty is “Seeking More Intimacy” and he enjoys working with all kinds of relationships. He is LGBT, Poly, alt, and kink friendly. His goal is to challenge his clients to move beyond their normal limits so they can regain the connection they have lost, work through a betrayal, and/or have better sex then ever before. Dr. Z is also trained in Discernment Counseling, so you may find him helpful in situations where you don’t know if you want to stay or go. He can help you make this difficult decision.*

“Kyle is Awesome! Best therapist I have ever had! Over 20 years!*”- ICC Program client of Kyle’s