Intensive Couples Counseling Certified Therapists

Nancy Carlson, MA, LMFT

ICC Certified

(she/her) Nancy is our most experienced ICC therapist and dedicates most of her time to the ICC program. She believes so strongly in the program because having worked with hundreds of couples in this format, she sees first-hand the impact of ICC on peoples’ lives. She has story after story of success. Her ability to transform relationships leaves us speechless. From the first time we met Nancy we knew our couples struggling the most just might be able to find hope with Nancy. Nancy is especially skilled in helping couples encountering complex situations that seem profoundly hopeless. Clients report that she is “uniquely skilled and dedicated” and that “her soft and warm presence provides us an environment to explore our needs and process our pain.” But don’t be fooled– she will be honest and direct with you in her efforts to help you change.*

“The Intensive Therapy has been so incredible for our relationship. I feel every couple should go through this experience because it can improve every relationship you have. We were desperate for some help and guidance. We received so much more than I expected.*”- ICC Program Participant of Nancy’s


David Fredman, MMFT, M.Ed., LMFT

ICC Certified

(he/him) David’s engaging style, a quick smile and often quirky sense of humor provide a combination that is easy to warm up to. His mere presence can calm the most conflicted couples and his warmth helps clients find the connection they have lost.  David has training in Gottman, and EFT (emotionally focused therapy).  David is very dedicated to the Intensive Couples Counseling Program, and particularly enjoys the longer sessions times, allowing him to dig really deep with his couples.

“David is the best! He makes both my partner and I feel so comfortable with his humor, knowledge and his gentle approach! So grateful to have found him!”- Client of David’s

Rachel Nygaard, MS, LMFT

ICC Certified

(she/her) Rachel is the embodiment of kindness and warmth.  You can feel her genuine caring nature the moment you meet her. She’s the kind of person that you feel like you can tell all your secrets to because there’s not a judgmental bone in her body. We love how she can hold a lot of pain for her clients; we admire how big problems don’t overwhelm her; but most of all, we appreciate how her quick wit can bring levity and hope to even the most difficult situations.

Rachel is unabashedly fixated on her clients’ goals and needs.  While she is competent and well educated, she holds strong to the belief that clients have the ultimate say in their lives.  Wherever her clients want to go – Rachel will do everything she can to make that journey a reality.  And this brings us to what we actually love most about Rachel – her commitment.  She’s committed to her clients in a way we rarely see.  She will go through hell and back with the people she cares about most – because that is who she is.  It is her nature and we’re so thankful to have her here at RTC.

“Rachel has been such a good match for me and my partner. We are learning a lot, making great progress, and feeling more and more secure in our relationship.”- Client of Rachel’s