Intensive Couples Counseling is surgery for your relationship.

WP Intensive Couple Counseling

ICC is our highest level of service provided by our most experienced therapists.

ICC was created to be efficient and effective and for couples who need change now.*

Not every couple makes it with weekly therapy, while others just want a more time-limited process.

Just like serious medical conditions - serious relationship crises require immediate and sufficient intervention.

You and your partner work privately with an ICC-certified therapist for 15 hours, done in 3 to 4 hour blocks at a time..

Your relationship is worth investing in!

Act Now!

Your relationship needs help. Contact us and we will give you our honest opinion if ICC is right for you.

You deserve a better relationship.

On The Brink/Discernment CounselingAddiction (Drugs/Alcohol/Sex/Gambling/Etc)Infidelity/BetrayalSeeking More IntimacyTrauma RecoveryIncrease in ConflictCommunication DifficutiesOther (please describe)

Healing the Hurt

A relationship betrayal can be devastating. It is a critical juncture that calls you to action. What a couple does afterwards can determine whether the relationship will become stronger than it’s ever been or signify the demise of the relationship. Our Crisis ICC Program is specifically designed to help couples recovering from betrayals.*

Start Healing Now

On the Brink

The divorce rate is 41%-50%, and higher for second or third marriages. Our ICC therapist will assess your relationship and give you an honest professional opinion about the viability of your situation. We will do our best to help you make the decision about where to go from here through a concentrated process. You’ve been in limbo long enough.*

Start Living Now

Seeking More Intimacy

Connection, whether it’s sexual or emotional intimacy is at the heart of most relationship issues. Some couples need help in communicating better – they are either fighting all the time, or worse yet – not fighting at all. Others need help in rekindling the spark. Our Intimacy ICC therapists strive to help you communicate and connect.*

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Wanting Results Now

Some couples are busy and just don’t have the time to come to regular weekly therapy, and yet they are motivated to grow and improve their relationship. For them, an Efficiency ICC Program may be their preference. Participants have reported that our program can provide a uniquely efficient and effective relationship jumpstart.*

Start Growing Now

I truly thought we were beyond help and I know my husband was certain of it. ICC showed us that we really can do this. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to feel close and connected after the 3 days. My deepest thanks for your hope, vision, and caring.* - ICC program participant

Results of course may vary depending on multiple factors. Find out more on our Maximizing Your Investment Page
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